Events and Activities | Larz Anderson Bicycle Show & Swap

Photos from the Larz Anderson
Bike Show and Swap

at the Larz Anderson Museum of Transportation
on August 15, 1999.

Photos by Tom Swenson

lisa.jpg (10694 bytes) Lisa Welsh greets a visitor at the Major Taylor table.

Tom Swenson presents a family tree showing Major Taylor's descendents to Jan Brown, Major Taylor's great granddaughter.

jan.jpg (9358 bytes)
wheelmen.jpg (13580 bytes) Paul Larrabee and his son Brendan of The Wheelmen demonstrate highwheel bicycles.
Dana C. Whittaker displayed bicycle racing  pins collected by his grandfather, Stillman G. Whittaker, a bicycle racer who preceded Major Taylor by about 15 years.

pin2.jpg (6046 bytes)
Black Vs. White
Taylor Vs. McDuffie
Charles River Park
June 19, 1898

iverbadge.jpg (16893 bytes)

iverjohnson.jpg (8785 bytes)

Joe Cote displayed his Iver Johnson track bicycle.  Major Taylor rode rode a similar bicycle during the period when the Iver Johnson Company sponsored him. 

pin1.jpg (5410 bytes)
Major Taylor- Iver Johnson Cycles
From Dana C. Whittaker's collection

lowrider.jpg (13434 bytes)blank.gif (810 bytes)

A member of the Ground Level Auto Club demonstrates his custom lowrider trike.


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